Pot Dealer Vol.1 by Ben Sanders

Pot Dealer Vol.1 is a catalogue of LA-based artist BenSanders’s ongoing series of painted planters.

The coil bound book playfully layers materials and production details, including a duplexed cover, tip-on, pink and glitter foil stamped type, and a sticker reminiscent of dollar store discount tags.

We worked closely with Sanders to refine the book’s structure, which includes an essay on the project’s genesis, 9 themetic chapters featuring more than 150 pots, portraits of the works’ most fervent collectors, and an index of all works in the volume.

The book concludes with a series of blank pot illustrations and stickers, allowing readers to customize their own pots.

Photographs: Josh Schaedel, Ben Sanders, Heather Sten, Evie Lane

Printer: Artron

Junior designer: Élise Rigollet