NYT 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

The New York Times’ annual Holiday Gift Guide offers hundreds of recommendations divided into more than a dozen categories. For 2023, we created a flexible, festive identity and series of illustrations in collaboration with AngelaKirkwood.

A holiday party unfolds playfully across the Gift Guide’s print edition, with each gifting category opening on an illustrated vignette populated by partygoers.

Characters recur from scene to scene, including a pair of mischievous mice (who can also be found hidden within a pattern of gift boxes on the section’s inside covers, which were designed to be removed from the section for use as wrapping paper).

We also worked with Kirkwood to develop animated assets for use across the Guide’s onlineversion and digital promotion.

Illustration: Angela Kirkwood

Product page design: Rachel Buigas-Lopez

Interactive design: Danny Debelius

Design director: Shannon Robertson

Editor: Jennifer Harlan